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Gestational Diabetes VIP Success Program

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Everything you need to know for eating success with gestational diabetes. Nourish your body to feel your best and manage your glucose levels at ease. Ensure your baby is getting the nutrients they need for healthy growth through the foods that you're eating. Your Julienne Program is here to give you peace of mind with every bite. - Work with an expert in 1:1 calls to set goals and attain them. - Follow the self-guided course to learn what you need to know for gestational diabetes eating success. - Reference the Meal Plans & Shopping Lists to make your weekly planning a breeze. - Choose from Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian and Mixed meal plans and recipes. - Enjoy food that is delicious, that you're excited to eat, created by professional chefs. - Understand how to order at a restaurant and feel confident in what you're eating, as well as on-the-go in hotels and more. - Access our 70+ recommended pregnancy and GD-safe snacks with easy links to order online. (Great for the family too!) - So much more!! Finally feel at ease during your pregnancy and get back to living your life, thanks to your Julienne GD Success Program.

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