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The Only Chef-Created
Gestational Diabetes Meal Program

Approved by Dietitians & OB/GYNs

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Your diet can be as dynamic as you are, with a little help from Julienne

Your snacks, meals and even your cravings are all part of a bigger picture. Let us guide you in understanding how these elements work harmoniously to ensure both your own well-being and that of your little one.


Does this sound familiar?

Your days are jam-packed and you don’t have time to research low-glycemic ideas.

You’ve lost your confidence and you’re afraid to eat the wrong thing.

You’re sick of apples & peanut butter and you wish you got EXCITED for meals. 

You have a family to feed, and you’d love to eat the same meal alongside them.

Your shopping lists are chaotic, and you wish you had a clear plan at the grocery store.

But with



This could be you!

Imagine approaching Sunday scaries, and having an ideal grocery list provided for you to tackle the upcoming week at ease.

Imagine leaving your OBGYN after your next visit, knowing that your glucose levels are back on track and your baby is growing normally.

Imagine getting excited for each meal and snack coming up, knowing that it is going to be something new, full of flavor and fun to munch on.

You're one step away from living stress-free with GD!



The Julienne Meal Program

Get your questions answered, understand how to manage gestational diabetes at ease, and enjoy low-glycemic eating

  • Meet with an expert to discuss YOUR needs & make a tailored plan

  • Personalize our GD-friendly meal plans & recipes to your life, with Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and Nut-Free options

  • Step-by-step guidance to understanding GD and how to live a happy life while managing your food choices

  • Easy and accessible grocery shopping lists

  • Keep track with Your Daily To-Do Checklist & Carb Tracking Calendar

  • Quick GD Snack Options with nutritional insights, links & recipes

  • Feel confidence that your partner and family will enjoy this food too

  • Enjoy exclusive access to our recommended GD-friendly products

  • Ensure reliable carb tracking with our MyFitnessPal calculations

Lock in your ideal eating plan for the final stretch of your pregnancy and beyond! Julienne is your companion in understanding how to eat food that delights and nourishes both you and your baby, created by professional chefs, approved by dietitians.


The Julienne Meal Program is everything you need for modern GD success!


What's in it for you?

Example of a Julienne recipe

Simplified Meal Planning

Tailored, easy-to-follow meal plans & recipes with convenient shopping lists, reducing daily decision-making and adapting to your pregnancy journey.

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Easy Nutrition Tracking

Carb & macros are pre-calculated with MyFitnessPal so that each Julienne recipe can be automatically tracked

Image of mother holding her baby

Long-term Health Focus

Learn lifelong healthy eating habits with modern nutrition methods, extending benefits beyond gestational diabetes management to always feel your best.

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