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A happy, healthy
woman & baby
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Julienne helps you know exactly what to eat to feel great. Take control of your gestational diabetes and keep glucose levels on target with our personalized programs and guides.

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We believe a low-glycemic lifestyle can be a delightful experience, not a compromise

Our simple, delicious meals are designed to help you enjoy low-glycemic eating -- showing you that it can not only be beneficial for your health and your baby's development, but also incredibly satisfying for your taste buds.


Delicious, stress-free personalized meal
programs & guides sent straight to your inbox 

By subscribing to the Julienne Meal Program, you will receive personalized weekly meal plans of nutrient-rich, low-glycemic meal recipes, snack ideas and easy-to-navigate grocery lists that your whole family will love. These are tested, strategic plans developed by world-renowned chefs, backed by research.

Enjoy your meals -

and get some variety! 

All recipes designed by

our celebrated chefs.

Know what to eat when

to effectively balance your carbs. No more guesswork!

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Family-friendly options

to ensure everyone is happy and healthy.

No longer feel alone with

the Julienne team, here to help you along this journey. 

Looking for expert advice? 

Text us directly at +1-732-EAT-WISE (+1-732-328-9473) with your nutrition, meal planning, food substitution and other questions!


Going on a trip?
Travel Stress-Free with GD!

We also offer one-time purchase guides -- and our first available is

Julienne's Gestational Diabetes Travel Guide. Check it out!

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Want to get a taste of
what Julienne has to offer?

Download our program introduction and get five free snack ideas!


Did you know?

Preventing glycemic spikes helps with ensuring a healthy baby in many aspects. Elevated blood sugar (far below the diagnostic threshold for gestational diabetes) is linked to a significantly higher risk of congenital heart defects.

Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE 


Hey there, I'm Anja

I’m a professional chef with 15+ years in the culinary world, whose passion is deeply rooted in personal health and the well-being of women. Having navigated my own health challenges through mindful nutrition throughout my life, I understand the power of food in shaping vitality and happiness. This personal journey has fueled my career, cooking for top athletes like the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, where I honed my skills in crafting nutritional, high-performance meals. However, I believe that a woman enduring pregnancy is 10x more impressive than any professional athlete!

I created Julienne to help expecting parents transform their outlook on what healthy food means, so that their whole family can thrive for the long term. At Julienne, we are committed to creating meals that are not only nutritious but also delicious, blending culinary art with nutritional science. Let’s tackle nutrition for a healthy pregnancy together, with strategies that match your family’s priorities, preferences and lifestyle. 

Anja Hall, Founder of Julienne, Women's Health Expert & Professional Chef 

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Did you know?

Your growing baby’s preferences for healthy foods are partly formed in utero. Yes, your baby can ‘taste’ what you’re eating via your amniotic fluid.

Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE 


We're so proud of our mamas!

Pregnant woman named Kristen standing in front of a race finish line

“When I found out I had GD early in my pregnancy, I struggled to find healthy and delicious recipes to keep my body in balance. To be perfectly honest, I am not great in the kitchen and trying to create recipes after working all day was extremely stressful for me, so I was excited when Anja approached me about this idea for Julienne. I wish I had had it during my pregnancy with my son! Knowing there is a thoughtful cooking plan (that I do not have to come up with myself) designed to help my body and baby remain healthy during and after pregnancy, makes me feel so much more at ease. I know I will be using Julienne if I ever get pregnant again, to ensure I prevent GD in the future!”

Kristen (Oakland, CA)


Take the stress out of getting your meals right; take control of your gestational diabetes

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