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Who or What is Julienne?

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Julienne was formed with the intention of helping pregnant women make the best decisions for themselves and their baby with nutrition. We’re sad to hear women say, ”I don’t know what to eat,” and “I’m so sick of apples and peanut butter.” There’s so much more deliciousness to healthy, happy pregnancy! 

We’ve spent endless hours gathering information about food specifically geared towards a healthy perinatal journey, and with a particular focus on low-glycemic, whole food nutrition - with prevention and management in mind. 

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The meal plans are designed by professional Chef Anja Lee and her favorite low-glucose recipe creators, and are a compilation of recipes from over 15 years of catering, working in restaurants, recipe development and a passion for food - particularly healthy, nutritious food. All recipes are adapted to be simple, approachable, family-friendly, and have a low-glycemic level aiming to avoid spikes that work best particularly for the perinatal journey.

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We’ve worked with OB/GYNs, REI physicians, midwives, nurses, doula’s, registered dietitians, women’s health specialists, AND hundreds of women in the perinatal journey, as well as GD patients who have successfully birthed beautiful, healthy babies. We’ve collected research, data, statistics and opinions, and have used our knowledge to form meal plans that we believe will be a helpful guide for women to ensure a healthy pregnancy and beyond.


The Julienne Team


Who We Wouldn't Be Here Without

A Letter From Our CEO

I'm on a mission to change the way we view nutrition -- in the OB/GYN office, reproductive endocrinologist's office, and during the first 1,000 days of someone's life.


Even more so, I'm on a mission to make sure the woman is not forgotten when she becomes a Mama.


I've always been passionate about creating delicious, healthy food, a journey that began with overcoming my own nutritional challenges at a young age. This passion led to remarkable opportunities, such as serving as the head Chef for championship-winning basketball teams and working in prestigious kitchens in France and San Francisco, as well as Michelin Star restaurants. I even ran my own successful catering company for a decade.

Central to my work has been a focus on women's health, particularly in developing recipes that support and empower them. This led to the creation of Julienne, born from my desire to help women, especially during pregnancy, discover foods that make them feel their best and confident in their own skin.

I'm passionate about teaching others simple, effective cooking techniques for healthy, flavorful meals. The concept for Julienne was inspired by my friends' pregnancy experiences and the underwhelming dietary advice they received. My goal is to use my expertise to assist women in navigating the challenges of fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and gestational diabetes (GD) without compromising on delicious food.

My extensive research and recipe development have highlighted the negative impact of processed foods and sugars on health, exacerbating conditions like GD and pre-diabetes. However, I believe that many of these issues can be mitigated, if not reversed, by mindful eating, which is Julienne's core mission. We aim to provide education, support, and practical solutions to help pregnant women make informed, enjoyable dietary choices.

At Julienne, we understand that everyone's journey is unique. While not all of our recommendations will suit everyone, our hope is that our recipes will help families make significant, positive changes in their health today and for the future.

- Anja Lee Hall


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