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Navigating Pregnancy Nutrition and Gestational Diabetes Eating While Traveling

Pregnant woman in a yellow shirt setting on a bench next to a yellow suitcase holding her belly and passport

A gestational diabetes (GD) diagnosis can leave you feeling overwhelmed with all that is added to your already busy plate. You now are expected to eat every 2 to 3 hours, track and manage your carb intake, avoid sugars, continuously measure your glucose levels, walk after every meal, drink lots of water, etc. The list is long. Then, try and do all of this while traveling...whether it's a work trip, a road trip to see your family, a good friend's wedding, a flight to visit your in-laws, or a celebratory baby moon.

While travel can be one of life's greatest joys, the thought of traveling can also stir up a mix of excitement and anxiety. With GD, it may swing more towards the latter. It's a lot to manage while at home in your routine, but how do you keep on top of your GD task list while on the go or staying in a foreign or new place?

Kim - A Mom Who Travels Often for Work

A friend of mine, Kim, thought she knew what to expect with her second pregnancy, but GD presented numerous unexpected challenges for her. Kim is a rockstar at her job and travels all over the country to guide large companies to success, while also being a mom.

Kim’s boat was rocked when she received the challenging pregnancy diagnosis of GD. It came after a dizzy spell that left her concerned and led to a test that would change her entire approach to pregnancy. The overwhelming nature of sudden dietary changes brought Kim's stress to a whole new level — which is actually the worst thing for one’s body when it comes to managing blood sugars. On top of that, she knew she had multiple work trips coming up with minimal sleep and lots of hotel breakfasts ahead.

She was so fearful of eating the wrong things that she ended up eating too little day to day. In turn, her body lacked the important nutrients needed to stay strong through the work travel. And so, she went through even more significant struggles with her pregnancy, including a spine infection that almost took her life.

Kim’s experience highlights two common struggles:

  1. Eating too little out of fear

  2. The importance of access to nutritional information

The lack of understanding and the pressure of monitoring can make traveling especially daunting.

Emily - Diagnosed While on a Trip

Another shocking but relatable story came from my friend, Emily. She echoed the sentiment of struggling with navigating GD while traveling.

Emily was diagnosed during a vacation! She found herself in the deep end, trying to manage her blood sugar levels away from the comfort and predictability of home. The initial shock and the steep learning curve of what to eat, when, and how much illustrate the complexities of managing GD from anywhere, but especially when traveling.

Julienne's Guidance to Support GD Travelers

Minimizing stress, sleeping solid hours, getting in regular physical activity, and maintaining a high nutritional diet are key to keep a woman’s body strong during the woe’s of pregnancy. Yet, with life, work, and unexpected challenges this becomes a balancing act that seems nearly impossible to manage on your own.

That's why we at Julienne created a comprehensive Gestational Diabetes Travel Guide.

Screenshot previews of the Julienne Gestational Diabetes Travel Guide

Both Kim and Emily's experiences reveal a crucial gap in support for pregnant women with GD, specifically when traveling. The challenges they faced underscore the importance of planning and having the right resources at hand.

Designed with you in mind, this guide is your companion for stress-free travel with pregnancy, and especially gestational diabetes. It includes:

  • Practical tips on what to order at hotel breakfasts and restaurants

  • A curated list of 70+ GD-approved travel snacks (that we have tasted and LOVE), complete with links for easy access

  • Suggestions for snack travel containers to make packing a breeze

  • Comprehensive packing checklists, ensuring you don't forget anything crucial for managing your pregnancy and gestational diabetes

  • Checklists for during your trip to stay on top of your gestational diabetes management with ease

This guide is an investment in your health and peace of mind while traveling, and the value is worth so much more than the price. This will be your go-to travel guide for today and for the future, to ensure you’re staying healthy and strong with your family ahead. Snacks are family-friendly, too!

And for those subscribed to our GD Meal Program, we offer this invaluable resource at a discounted rate, supporting you further in your journey.

Kim, Emily, and so many other's stories are testaments to the fact that with the right preparation and resources, managing gestational diabetes while traveling is not only possible but can be a seamless part of your exciting journey. Let their experiences, and our GD Travel Guide, empower you to embrace travel during pregnancy with confidence and joy. Explore the world, create unforgettable memories, and maintain your and your baby's health with Julienne by your side.


Front cover screenshot of the Julienne Gestational Diabetes Travel Guide

Ready to Travel Stress-Free?

Embrace your next adventure with the Julienne GD Travel Guide. Snag it and take the first step towards effective gestational diabetes eating and management while traveling. Because at Julienne, we believe that a GD diagnosis shouldn't hold you back from experiencing the joys of life and travel.



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